The seven revelation churches in Turkey

The seven revelation churches in Turkey are ancient churches that John wrote about in the Bible


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The seven revelation churches in Turkey are ancient churches that John wrote about in the Bible. Each church received a letter in which they were asked to repent for their sins and correct their current course. When the letters to the churches were sent, there were active Christian communities in each of the cities. Today, although some remains of these ancient cities and their churches are left behind, others have merged with the modern Turkish cities that are now located in the territories.

According to legend, all 7 churches lay along an ancient trade Road, and each church received a specific message that should be delivered to the congregation. The first church was at Ephesus, the first stop along the trade route, followed by Smyrna, now Izmir, then the great city of Pergamon, then Thyatira, prosperous, Sardis, Philadelphia, and finally Laodicea, near present-day Denizli. The messages were distributed sequentially, allowing them to circulate throughout the Christian community at that time. The letters were intended to correct the sins of those who belonged to the churches of each city. The cities are still an interesting destination for pilgrims from the Christians all over the world.

The Aegean Sea has many treasures waiting for you to discover those.


Day 1
Departure from Alanya 07: 00 we take the plane from Antalya at.10: 00 Landing in Izmir at.11:00. We check into the hotel and then we take lunch. After lunch we visit Smyrna church, and enjoy the surroundings the rest of the day.
Joint dinner at the hotel.

Day 2
We visit 2 of the congregations this day. First it turns into Pergamon and then to Thyatria. We take the bus right after breakfast and drive to Pergamon. We experience the ancient city of (Akropol,Red Basilica,etc..) We take lunch break before we drive to Thyatria. Thyatria is located in Manisa province today and it takes about. 1.5 h to drive to Thyatria. After completing all the must-see places and having heard everyone who needs to be heard then we drive back to Izmir.

Day 3 we are ready for new day and we will be visiting the next 2 congregations of Sartes and Philadelphia churches. Both churches are also located in Manisa province. The whole day goes on adventures at these churches and the surroundings around.

Day 4 we are ready for new experiences. We will visit the wonderful antikbyen Ephesus.We check out from the hotel in Izmir because we are going to Pamukkale and visit the last Ward Leodakia in Denizli province the next day. Ephesus became much more important to the Christians after the Virgin Mary and Paul moved here. We will spend the whole day near Ephesus and come to see most important places.(The virgin Mary house,Ephesus antikbyen,the Baptist church,Sirince village)At the end of the day we will drive further to Pamukkale and check into the new hotel in Pamukkale.It will be a little late when we arrive at the hotel and we have dinner at the hotel.

Day 5 New Day and New opplevelser.Vi gather in the bus right after breakfast and first visit Laodikia.Laodika is the last church that we are going to visit.We spend half the day here and before we go on to Hierapolis (Pamukkale).We get free time in Hierapolis. Here we can use the opportunity to swim in the heat source above the limestone or in Cleopatra's swimming pool. At the end of the day we are going back to the hotel and we are having dinner at the hotel. For those who wish they can enjoy the hot spring pool at the hotel.

Day 6 we are ready for the return journey to Alanya. We check out of the hotel at.10:00
Denizli city is known for the large textile industry in Turkey and Europe, and many use the opportunity to look at the selection and possibly act, and their. There are approx.6 hours ahead of us to Alanya.
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